Sponsored Students of Our College Support Programs

Last year, we selected three sponsored students and began providing the support services that are the best fit for the student. We worked in collaboration with school staff to assure we meet all requirements for working with their students. At least one of our founders will work with these students and their families through acceptance and admission to the student’s college of choice.

This year, we will expand involvement with the pilot high school based on our success the first year, including success in attracting individual and corporate donations. We may also expand our efforts to another school district based on our funding performance.


Meet Our Sponsored Students

Jayson Rosales

Hello I’m Jayson Rosales. I was born and raised in Somerville, New Jersey. I am honored by the opportunity that the A Step Up to Achieve organization has given me. As the son of two Costa Rican immigrants, finding a way to pay for college was definitely going to be a challenge. I also had some athletic dreams that I knew I needed help with if I was ever to achieve them. I’ve loved playing soccer from a young age and playing at the college level would definitely be a dream come true. Going to college has always been a goal of mine as well. Neither of my parents was able to go to college, and they’ve both pushed me to further my education. I’ve always admired how hard they worked in order to see me succeed. I am very confident that as a sponsored student, I will be able to complete all of my goals in terms of soccer and my education.

Wellington Ardila

Wellington Ardila is our 2018 sponsored student. He is a junior at Somerville H S, loves his math and sciences courses, enjoys tutoring other students, and plays lacrosse as well as other sports.