News Articles About Our Student Support Services

Courier News publishes articles about A Step Up To Achieve! With the desire to form a nonprofit company gnawing at him for years, Grossnickle finally registered A Step Up To Achieve Inc. about 18 months ago, beginning his initiative to provide aid to students from low‑income households.


College Enrollment Among Low‑Income Students Still Trails Richer Groups

Higher education long has been seen as one of the best ways out of poverty, but connecting low-income students—even the high-achieving ones who presumably are best prepared for college-level work—with colleges and universities remains a challenge. On Thursday, President Obama is expected to meet with more than 100 college presidents at the White House to discuss ways of enrolling more low‑income minority students and helping ensure more of them graduate.

Increasing College Opportunity for Low‑Income Students White House Report

With the growing demand for college-educated workers, a college education is one of the surest ways into the middle class. To help more students afford and graduate from college, the Administration has taken steps to address these challenges—doubling Federal investments in Pell Grants and college tax credits, reforming student loans, and taking new steps to reduce college costs and improve value. But while the President continues to push for changes that keep college affordable for all students and families, we can and must be doing more to get more low‑income students prepared for college, enrolled in quality institutions, and graduating.

Why the Best Low‑Income Students Often Don’t Apply to the Most Competitive Colleges

Former college admissions officer Sean Logan has a story about a student from Salinas, Calif., at the top of her class. Both parents were migrant farm workers. She wanted to go to Stanford University but did not think a highly selective university would find her interesting.