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Courier News Publishes Article About A Step Up To Achieve

WARREN — After a long career in telecommunications and consulting, Warren resident Harold Grossnickle retired about two years ago.

But while he’s no longer working a full-time job, he’s begun giving back to society at a level he never has before.

With the desire to form a nonprofit company gnawing at him for years, Grossnickle finally registered A Step Up To Achieve Inc. about 18 months ago, beginning his initiative to provide aid to students from low-income households.

“If we find really talented kids, and we encourage them to go to college, which is something they’re lacking, and we build a confidence in them and they go and they excel — you know, who knows what it is that they’re gonna contribute themselves,” Grossnickle said. “(They can) be a doctor, be an attorney, be an accountant, be more than that. Who knows what it is.”